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Alleviating pain and improving wellbeing through addressing underlying causes and connections within your body


The wiring and programming of how your body functions. From your brain and spinal cord, to the tips of your fingers, nerves need to conduct signals in and out. If neural signals are disrupted, then the ability to control the related blood vessel, organ or muscle can also be impacted.



The fuel system of the body. Everything requires oxygen and nutrients to properly operate. Blood also needs to circulate back to the heart. Without adequate blood flow in and out, your ability to circulate fuel and effectively heal is impacted.


The waste and sewerage system of the body. The lymphatic system regulates fluid levels and forms part of your immune response. It also serves to remove fats and waste. Via a network of lymph nodes, this system is critical in removing toxins and waste from your body.


Your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, intestines, and reproductive organs etc. all serve critical functions. Removing tension on these organs can aid in their function and restore movement to connected areas.



The layer surrounding the framework of your body  which is responsible for maintaining bone health. Trauma or overloading of  this layer can impair bone health, healing, and impact the function of attached structures.


Fascial and myochain

The body consists of chains of interconnected layers of muscle, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. These layers need to be able to glide over and around each other to allow and support movement. Restrictions in some areas can inhibit movements further along the line.

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