Treatment Expectations

What to Expect
  • Thorough analysis of all current and previous injuries and operations.
  • Review of lifestyle, diet, exercise and work environments.
  • Holistic assessment of your body from head to toe.
  • Analysis of all contributing factors and systems to your symptoms.
  • Strategic and staged approach to unwinding your presentation.
  • Gentle, hands on treatment with minimal discomfort.
  • Explanation on what is potentially happening, and more importantly why.
  • Potential to feel very calmed or spaced out post treatment.
  • Potential to feel sore or achy around treatment areas after release.
  • Potential for some symptoms to flare up before improving, this includes headaches.
  • A requirement to drink plenty of water and to potentially adjust diet and alcohol consumption in the short-term.
  • A commitment to work with your practitioner in undertaking advice to achieve your goals.
What Not to Expect
  • Simple, quick and easy solutions.
  • Instant relief of chronic symptoms from one or two sessions.
  • Dry needles, bone cracking, or massage.